San Antonio, What should you not put on a granite countertop? 

Granite is incredibly durable and strong enough to be used as a countertop in your kitchen. Your san antonio granite countertops is not completely impervious to damage, and while some damage may be caused by mishaps or mistakes, other damages are more commonly due to the wrong use we make of the countertop.

Granite is normally resistant to stains, but water if left on the countertop will soak in and can cause discoloration, as can any oils, fruit juices, wine and other liquids that you may spill on it. While you can always remove these stains with some simple home remedies, you will do better to be careful not to spill things on it and wipe it down immediately you do so. Use of a good sealer put on the countertop at regular intervals can also help.

Anything acidic like vinegar, soda, fruit juice, ammonia, or wine can etch itself into the granite and make that surface dull and make it look like a stain. You also need to avoid using household cleaners that contain acidic and corrosive ingredients. Wipe up spills right away, and use just water and a microfiber towel as this should clean most of the dirt and stains that form on a granite countertop. Always keep a sponge or damp cloth on hand while you are working on the countertop and clean up spills immediately.

Never cut raw meat on a granite countertop as what is left behind can work its way into microscopic crevices that the stone has, and lead to bacteria that can cause salmonella. Use a cutting board, and clean up the granite surface once you have finished cutting up the meat, as something can always spill over from the board.

Never use knives to cut any vegetables, fruit or other food items directly on your granite countertop. Granite is tough and will not get much affected by your knives, but it is your knives that will get dull and loose their sharpness, making food preparation all the more difficult for you. While granite can always easily sustain the heat from hot pans, it is recommended that you always use trivets or potholders to do so. This is a good kitchen habit that should come automatically. A hot pan on a granite countertop can affect the sealer that you have put on it, to protect its surface.

Do not make it a practice to sit on your countertop of granite when you are tired of being on your feet. Keep a stool in your kitchen, which can also be handy if you need to reach the higher shelves in your kitchen cabinets. Sitting or even standing on a granite countertop is to be avoided, as excessive weight on granite can cause it to crack. Most granite countertops do not have a wooden backing on which they rest, as the strength of the stone is enough for it to bridge across the side supports. Similar weight is imposed on the granite if you have an under mounted sink attached to the bottom of the countertop, and which you fill up for any reason, like washing up or bathing an infant.

Granite countertop edges can chip if they are impacted by an heavy objects. This is very common around sink edges. So you need to be very careful when you are lifting heavy objects, like pressure cookers or others and placing them on the countertop, or taking them to your sink for cleaning. These chips may not be easily seen, but you will feel them if you run your hand over the edges, and this can at times cut into your skin.

Granite countertops are tough and long lasting, but they still need to be used carefully, as you would an expensive car, so that it continues to look good and give you the service you expect from it.